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There is nothing quite as summery as sitting lake-side, eating cherries and hanging out with a good friend. Elk lake is simply stunning, even though it borders the highway. Its lake is a faded denim blue, with small curving waves, and tangles of green weed just below the surface. Its a local’s favorite spot for swimming, rowing, canoeing, and lounging by. It was warm out today, warm enough to want to go swimming in the lukewarm water, but not quite.

Anat and I sat in the shade of one of those big trees on the grassy lawn at Elk lake. We even had the foresight to bring chairs and pillows and that sort of thing. Now that we are all finished with school, “good times” and plans-for-the-future are the most favored topics. We just sat and had a wonderful time talking and admiring the lake. She has a terribly contagious laugh. 😀

Get Lighted

A late-afternoon trip to the Butchart gardens today. We are certainly getting enough use out of those passes. Driving into the gardens, we watched happily as busloads of tourist started heading the other direction. As locals, we cheer the end of the season too, when the last cruise ship departs and the price of ice cream drops in the tourist district.

The light was just so- deepening the colors with moody undertones. Usually shooting in near half-light is bothersome, because pictures turn out under exposed, but I was lucky, and the last rays of the sun ended up casting an other-worldly glow through the thin petals, exposing the veins beautifully. Only a few people were left in the Rose Garden, which exposes some of the gardens less-noticed treasures; the sound of a light breeze through a tangle of leaves, a distant fountain, the restless shifting of unseen birds hidden amongst blossoms. I have trouble hearing sometimes, what with all the buzzing and white-noise filling my ears, so these are sounds are refreshingly tranquil. The sounds of flowers are soul cleansing, but sometimes I feel like there is a sound to sun-dappled flowers.

This chair is too small…this chair is too big…this one’s just right!

Heat wave. Finally. Victoria only gets a few days of real, glorious, hotness a few days a year, so we cold-blooded people have to soak up as much of it as we can. Its kind of a sticky day, but for once there is no hint of a cloud in the sky, and it feels like if you laid on your back and looked up for long enough, you could see clear out of atmosphere, past the galaxy, and into some far-off distant world.

Finally…the moment of truth.

It was warm enough today for me to wear my recently finished skirt that I made in my art textiles course, with the help of Lisa, my EA. I designed the scene on the bottom, which reminds me of a place in East Sooke that I love very much. It is surprisingly comfortable, sewn out of a light linen fabric, loosely fitting enough that I could walk, but not so much that it’s unflattering. The zipper is lightly off-center at the back, but unless I had told you that, I doubt you would have noticed. I’ve very proud of it. My first skirt!

I had a wheelchair fitting today. I’m getting a new wheelchair, which I am only too excited about. The wheelchair(s) I currently use are the kind someone would use for a few months with a broken leg. 2 years is really too long to be using a wheelchair with no support that doesn’t really fit me right. I will be so wonderfully comfortable to sit in something cushy. The wheelchair has so much padding it seems ridiculous…I’ll never want to get up (just kidding, tho). The bottom part of the one I chose feels strangely like brains…its a gel cushion. I am hoping to have part of the feel pedals in a toxic green color, which from the picture in the magazine looks like a lime green. I’m very excited about this. I am exhausted from standing up a bunch to squish into a bunch of different combination’s of backs and seats. It should be here in 2 weeks or so…can’t wait to go joy-riding with it…maybe a little racing too haaa.

The Writing Bug

Today turned out to be quite busy…but surprisingly very little was done. In the early afternoon, mum and I went to Butchart Gardens for a little bit, took a few snaps. It was brilliantly sunny out, and the suns rays tickled my face, and it felt so clean and peaceful. I see so little of it that it was a real treat. Simple pleasures are always the bestest, and most beloved.

Our schools seasonal magazine “Traditions” has asked me to do a small piece about my time at GNS, which is seriously awesome. I am very stoked…I love my school so much, and I’m very excited to share. I have just been trying to coordinate the details of the article and desperately trimming of the excess words to fit within the word-count! I just finished them today…phew! I just found out it was due so soon less than a week ago, so I have been scrambling, not like I found the subject difficult or anything. When the issue is published, I’ll post a link to it here :D.

Still in its batter-y stage. Still delicious.

Yesterday, Mum made the most perfect vegan/gluten-free/sugar-free chocolate-chip banana bread, a recipe from the Babycakes NYC cookbook. It turned out so fantastically. An instant classic. It calls for 6 bananas in the recipe, because they are used as an egg substitute too, so that leads to an intense banana flavor. Wowzer.

The Lake!

Mum and I went down to Elk lake today, after not being able to get into Butchart Gardens with our pass because of the FireWorks day. I didn’t know whether Elk lake’s path was accessible, but we found out it was. There is a narrow path from the parking lot all the way down to the sandy beach! In a small protected “mini-cove” beside the beach, I watched the baby duckies dig around in the weeds, looking for some lunch. The light was just so beautiful. It always makes me feel a little brighter being able to see the water.

We sat up on a little ridge, overlooking the lake, shaded beneath some pines. It was quite breezy, but we carry a considerable amount of outerwear in the car for the ever-changing Victoria weather.

I had my copy of “Harry Potter y la piedra filosfal”, (HP 1) which I read out loud for fun. I wrote down a few of the words I wasn’t sure about; cuchicheaban, trastoraba, tambaleaba. The words feel nice when you say them, but I only guessed at their meaning. I had to look them up when I got home.


Needles. Actually typing that word makes me feel a little nauseous. A nurse is here, going over some simple diagrams with my mom about how to do an IM injection, while I sit idly by, trying not to listen, but its very difficult. When my ‘vastus lateralis’ and a syringe appear in the same sentence, I can feel my fear coursing through my neck, making my arteries bulge with the quickening heart-rate. There is a lot of vocabulary being discussed right now that is so not cool for a parlor chat.

Apparently, putting a needle into your thigh is simple; the needle is so sharp it will cut through flesh like butter.
->As an aside, obsidian makes the sharpest possible blade, and it is even used as a scalpel blade. Unlike its metal counterpart, the obsidian blade will actually cut between cells, rather than ripping through. Isn’t that nice? Wikipedia has such wonderful and terrifying powers.

Anyways, the basics of how to do an IM injection into your thigh (notes approved by the lovely nurse who visited) is this:

  1. Pick the site, by choosing the middle third of your leg, from somewhere above the knee to below the thigh.
  2. Clean the site w/ the lovely perfume-smelling rubbing alcohol pad (jkjk). Put another pad between the pinky and ring fingers of your non-dominant hand for later.
  3. Pinch the muscle in your leg, and pick your spot.
  4. Put it in on a 90 degree angle into the pinched muscle spot, and then release.
  5. Suck back on the syringe to check for blood- hitting a vessel of some sort.
  6. Inject. Depress syringe.
  7. Use the pad between your other fingers to press down on the skin near where the needle is, and then pull the needle out. This stops ripping of your delicate tissues (I don’t like the sound of that).

And tada. You’ve just shot up. Tres cool and chic *rolls eyes. I wouldn’t use that info without first learning from a physician/nurse – and a prescription.

I have all the information I need, and still I am terrified. I think I’ll go back to flipping through this vegan cookbook I got out of the library. Ciao, and wish we luck.

    What a Ride.

    There is no Junior prom at GNS, only the ‘big one’; the Senior Prom. The place big enough to hold all of the grads and their family members is at the Victoria Conference Centre, behind the Empress. Most school hold their big dinner/dance there, and it is quite the affair!

    If you walk around campus, you can see many Prom class pictures, noting the change in years by the clothing, hair styles, and black or white pictures. Its fun to have a good laugh at the puffy dresses, the strangely cut tuxes, the coiffed hair and grainy pictures of the ages.The more recent ones are up in the Goodwill Building hallway, outside of the gym, where many have their lockers.

    The photograph is traditionally taken on the steps of the building. The same man, who has taken our group and some portrait school pictures since I was in grade 5, snapped the shots from a ladder. Our graduating class is the biggest in the schools history; about 90 people. Everyone graduated, all dressed up, arm and arm, the coordinated, matching flowers…I realized that this was it. The big one. The culmination and celebration of the end. The last thing of high school. Everyone looked beautiful. I’ve never seen so many of the guys with their shirts tucked in. It was rather shocking…it only took them a few years to get the hang of it I suppose. Haa.

    The hall where we ate was up stairs, or, for me, up in a glass elevator, was fancy. About two families per table. Some of the girls had trouble sitting down, what with all the tulle and crinolines billowing crinkly under their gowns. The dresses took up a serious amount of room, anyways. I sat at a table with my family, and the Life’s and Pommelet’s; two of my great friends, Chris and Lisa. It was so much fun! After dinner were the deputy Head Boy and Girl speeches. It was hard hearing the end of so many years together summed up so warmly. Yup, the ending is tough.

    There was a giant dance floor, and the Timebenders, who’ve been playing at our proms for a decade (I think…?), brought the house down with so many different genres of music that they’d be hard to classify, but they call themselves retro dance. It was fun and probably the least awkward GNS dance I have ever attended! I ‘danced’, sort of, or more specifically was on the dance floor, which counts; it was more of a mental grooving than doing the cha-cha or joining the conga line. I could be spun around though, and watch people dance and take lots pictures.

    I didn’t go the aftergrad. I figured after 5 hours at the dinner I had more than expended all of my energy reserves. The dinner/dance went from 18.
    00-24.00, and the after grad, 24.00 – 6.00. A pretty insane party. An amazingly wild ride. Thank you, my 2010-ies. Love you guys!!

    Woah, hey?~

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