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The Graduate

I am notorious for being scatterbrained, but seriously, I have not written in such a long time because of all the wonderful and exciting things that have transpired in the last few weeks. I have entered the next phase of ‘life’, and I feel woefully old. Wrinkle cream for my next birthday, please!! 🙂 lol.

Anyways, I am no longer the eager school child, dutifully giving up more than 3/4 of each year for 13 years to my education, and have now moved on to full-time education for probably the next 13 years. -> Only joking, Mother. Promise.

I would first like to take this opportunity to say a little ‘Ha ha ha Told-you-so’ to those who thought graduation was a pipe dream for me. Okay, it might have been awhile ago, but with perseverance, help and chocolate I rolled across the stage last night at the University Center Auditorium to accept my mock-Diploma (the real one is mailed later, but it is a ceremony, so they give you this folder with your name in it…I shall cherish it always!). I was very very very excited. As you can imagine. The feeling of adrenaline rush associated with fear and excitement was once referred to by one of my dear friends as having “owl’s in your tummy”. I find this expression very apt in describing this situation. I was rolled all over hells-half-acre to be able to get from the top of the balcony to the stage and back again. Thank you so much to those who pushed me around all night :D. It was all very wonderful and I wouldn’t never want to forget such a magical night. When I finally get my diploma, I’ll photocopy it and post it here.

The Graduates

Celebrate Good Times

The National Anthem, sung by a fabulous 5.


A rehearsal kind of takes the fun out of all the chaos of the real thing, but I still feel certain that at Wednesday night’s graduation, it will still be pretty crazy backstage.

The practice was a 2 hour ordeal today at UVic was very tiring. I had to move around quite a bit, which was difficult. The auditorium isn’t terribly accessible, by modern standards, with very steeply sloping ramps, and tons of heavy doors, and a few stairs in odd places. We had to walk outside all the way around the building to reach a ramp to the top!

I started a new drug a week ago and have been feeling really awful; IV Doxycycline. The IV ball looks the size of a DD cup, and has 400mg’s of drug. Eww.  My knees look perfectly normal, but from the way they feel they aught to be ballooned right out and be stuck with thick quilting pins. My bones feel they are a harbor for earthquake shock-waves to roll in.

Jolly Good!

Today was a super super busy day! First off…its my mama’s birthday and my aunties (they are twins!). Of course, being the wonderful daughter and niece that I am, I completely forgot that it was the 10 of June. In my defense, I have very little use for a calendar in my day to day life…what use is it knowing the day, if it is so jarring to find out! We had a lovely birthday dinner for Mum though, which was nice, and cake. I gave her my grad picture (how modest, I know :P), with the inscription: Hell froze.

Today was also my grad luncheon at the Union Club downtown. It is like the last time we are all together and having fun outside of school stuff for awhile, besides exams and grad, and prom. But still, one of the last! We had a wonderful buffet lunch, and just got to have a laugh. As our goodbye gifts, and as our initiation into the GNS Alumnus, we were given pewter tankards with the GNS crest, and our Alumni pin, also emblazoned with our symbol! Tres cool. It officially makes me a grad, and means that my life is, yet again, moving off in another direction. Soon I will be pushing off from shore, and sailing…where?…who knows?

As if the day couldn’t get any more exciting, I finally finished my sweater and its beautiful! Its sort of a dark periwinkle color, and just Knit/Purl – very simple – but I did it all myself, and it turned out!

Unfortunately, not the most attractive picture. In part, because its like 2 in the morning, I’m in a bathroom, and I’m trying desperately to hold myself up!

Beautiful Butchart

No matter how long you live in a place, doing ‘tourist’ things is always fun! Butchart Gardens is acres and acres of greenery pruned to perfection by the +100 gardeners. It used to be a private estate, and part of it was a quarry, but it was turned into the ‘Sunken Gardens’. Even though it is quite far away, busloads of tourist come to see this attraction. Its peaceful…flowers wherever you look, blooming wildly in the springtime.

The gardens are quite hilly, and mostly accessible, although some of the steep inclines could not be called ‘ramps’. I love taking pictures. I stop more often than we walk, spending time just to breathe in the perfume of thousands of blooms and the smell of dirt. Its wonderfully peaceful. When the roses are in full bloom, it is magical and smells like you walked into a perfume factory. Its insane.

Thanks to SIDES (distance education), I have a pass to go to Butchart, so I can go for an hour and then come back another day! Always nice…can’t wait to go again!

Tea Parties!

The most fun and relaxed performance of the year is by far the Oak Bay Tea Party. It is a Victoria tradition: by the real sandy Willows Beach, rides are trucked in, lemonade is squeezed, and people with fried chicken and donuts in bikini’s crisscross in front of the stage, small children holding streamers and tickets.

Set Up…

We usually pick our favorite songs to sing, and have a blast, with no pressure on us at all, and the crowd is mostly of strangers who are half-paying attention! Its a festival, almost! It is also the last choir concert of the year!! Actually, it was my last GNS choir concert…ever.

3 Jazz Band boys doing the proper tourist thing: running into the freezing ocean!!!

It feels weird not to have choir anymore…it was such a huge part of my life. It was my great big tie to my old world, my tie to school and friends. Not like I don’t visit my school without that, or see my friends, but its nice to sing with everyone. It is like we are all speaking and responding, saying “Ahh, so this is what it’s all about. I see.” It was a reason to get up in the morning three days a week, something to focus on and strive for. How strange. I love getting older, but sometimes it feels like the void of things we are leaving behind is too great, and I will fall deep into its depths before I realize I have slipped and fell at all.

Last Curtain Call

Celebrate the Arts is always the most highly anticipated concert. It usually involves several full days of running around McPherson Theater downtown, sneaking out to get bubble tea, gossiping until our ears and tongues rot off, hide-and-go-seek (the best location ever to play, hands down), and finding a quite corner to host intense card game championships. The onstage time is very minimal during the rehearsals, which are usually just cue-cue anyways, so keeping yourself out of trouble and un-bored for 8 hours, which has also become an art. It is the grand chaos of the school year, which marks the end of the years education, and is on the cusp of a taste of summer.

I didn’t attend the hours of practices. I missed out on the 8-3 gossip sesh and chaos. McPherson is an older theater, built for a time when disabled people were locked up at some white-washed-walls-country-asylum, needless to say getting a wheelchair around there would have been tricky. Because I wasn’t at the rehearsal, I wasn’t allowed at the performance, so I got to watch my first CTA, which was very exciting. It was a fantastic show!!!

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