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The Interview

A student from the Island Medical program actually came to my house today for an interview! He was a really friendly first year student and the goal of the interview was essentially to learn that there is more to the patient than just symptoms and a diagnosis (I think).

If I could remember just how many times I have recited my medical history, I would be sick of it by now. Small blessings. I have gotten really good at it, it’s like a monologue I wrote, and have been practicing for years. We went through all that stuff again, but this guy was so…human and relaxed, I suppose, no white coat…and un-doctorly that I found it really easy. Being in a doctor office makes me so anxious and I find it difficult to breath surrounded by all those surgically white walls and people in scrubs and white coats and forms and hand sanitizer. Even thinking about it makes me breath faster. But anyways, it made a nice change being in the comfort of my home talking about all the terrible things that have happened. I don’t know what they do to students, but by the time they have become doctors, they seem a hell of a lot more heartless.

He was very interested in the controversy of Lyme disease, which is another well exhausted topic in this house. It is very difficult, even for us, to describe why doctors do not want to help us, or are unable to help us. It sounds like the most wacked out conspiracy ever.

I would encourage all Lyme ‘victims’  who are able, to check with their local universities/medical school and see if they do not have a volunteering program. It is amazingly rewarding helping these hardworking students, and it helps spread the word about Lyme disease to next generations doctors!!

Stitch With It

I have had, like, the most productive day of life today. For the past week, I have been diligently knitting a sweater, just a basic Stockinette stitch pull-over, but today finally came to terms with the fact that my size ‘medium’ sweater had somehow morphed into a 1x Large. Not cool. The middle was going to be about double the size. So, having almost finished the back of the sweater, I took it ALL OUT! Thats right, all of those rows!! 97 stitches PER ROW. It took me 23 minutes…I made a video so in case I come to my senses later, I can only blame myself, and have proof.

The sweater was/will-be-again a color LionBrand calls ‘Violet’, but which is no where near close. I would call it a deep, periwinkle blue-y-purple-y color, a name fit for Crayola.

I can barely feel my hands, they are so tired from pulling out yarn. I am still grieving over my exsweater.  It  is/was a project I was working on for my Textiles course through SIDES. We (Lisa, my EA and I) just finished making a fuzzy felted pillow! It is beautiful! Next we are going to work on a skirt…I think it will be just beautiful!

More Students

Today we went to VGH (Victoria General Hospital) to be a guinea pig for the med students working at the Island Medical Program. It was pretty cool, actually. I mean, if there was no exam part necessary I could have enjoyed it a lot more, but…

There are only three medical students to a “guinea pig” – yah, thats how small our med program is! A grad class could be under 30 people! We went through history (when did you get sick, progression of symptoms…yadayadayada) with a special focus of ‘mental  status’. I feel a little crazy just saying those words! They asked a bunch of weird questions, to test different parts of my memory. It was alright, only I felt a little stupid when I couldn’t answer the questions. They also did a physical exam on me, which was, like, my leastest favorite thing ever.

I’m not sure if you have ever had a med student examining you, but let me tell you, count your lucky stars if you don’t get one who is vicious with the hammer. I had this one med student who took the words ‘hammer’ a little too seriously for a round rubber-edged disc on a bendy stick, and proceeded to use it as such.

But not today. Today they were all pretty decent with a hammer, and relatively good aim (ha). No bruises at any rate, so job well done! They also test muscle tone and the “poky-vs-soft” test (no idea what its called…but you get the idea). Anyways, I am so unbelievable zonked after that. I’m ready to hibernate!

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