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BL and AL

I’ve been busy working on school work (oh…I’m not joking!!). I signed up for Spanish SIDES (South Island Distance Education System) and am working away here. Its really hard to work, to think, to remember long enough to write sentences, let alone in another language. I loved Spanish before and was quite good at it before I got sick.

I hate saying that- ‘before I got sick’. Its like my life was cut into two periods BL and AL (before and after Lyme) and life BL was definitely greener! I worry sometimes that I won’t be able to do the things I wanted to. Almost overnight I wanted to become a doctor, and just as soon as I realized what I wanted to be, realized that I probably won’t be able to now, which kind of sucks but there is so much time to figure things out right?

It is so cold 10( 40ish C). I’m freezing and drinking some mint tea! Kinda tired today, didn’t sleep well (no shit!).

What if…

‘What if…’ has got to be two of the scariest words out there. It opens up a whole new web of possibilities to stumble into and can make even the most sane people paranoid.

example: What if I walked to the fridge to pour myself some milk and right while I was standing there, a gust of wind blew a tree over and it hit the house and hit me, standing there minding my own business? Or what if this piece of fish was poisoned back at the shop by some deluded psychopathic killer? What if on this very average day, something extraordinary happened that will change a ridiculous amount of my life, when the event was just so ordinary to begin with!! Walking around in the woods…who would have known right?

I mean, do you follow?

It seems wholly unfair. Brutal. Thank goodness we’re just talking hypothetically of course. Ha!

I get the feeling that it is the little ‘what ifs’ and ordinary days, that – once you have enough of them in a lifetime – turn into something special. Well, if not special, peculiar then.

It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times.

Its been busy around here! Haven’t written in awhile!

They upped my amount of Doxy (an antibiotic!) and its been making me feel super nauseous and foggy, which is always a drag!

Amy, my cousin, celebrated her 23rd birthday a few days ago! 23! Yikes! We went to the reptile zoo together with my dad. It was fun, but kinda creepy. There were some really pretty snakes and frogs though! Even a crocodile! Gosh!

We went out for Thai food this week (OMG! its too good to be true!) but I felt too nauseous to eat (oh…it WAS to good to be true!) which kind of put a damper on my eagerness to eat Thai. Its just a side effect from the drugs, which is super icky! One of my personal least-favorite side effects to be truthful.
Yesterday my big cousin Jenn came down (or up the map, not sure actually) to visit! It was so lovely to see her and we had such a good time. She is a physiotherapist so she brought me some exercises to do. We made satay chicken and peanut sauce for dinner! Way cool.

Today was real pretty out, and sorta warmish, around 20 C (68F). We went to the Zoo today and saw a bunch of cute animals (wallabies, cougars, monkeys) etc. It was a bit depressing because a lot of the animals were in really small cages! So horrid.

My PICC arm kinda hurts today. I think we are going to change the dressing soon. Super tired. Ta ta!


Amy, Rachel and I went of for coffee (well, tea really) the other day. It was so much fun! We went to Nata’s Cafe in the rip-roaring busy town of Peterborough (lol) and we had pie and cake slices with our chai latees (for them) and a smoothie for me. It was yummy. And we just talked and hung out. Rachel’s real nice…I met her when I was last here…like 10 years ago! Very cool. Hope we can do that again!

Today I had blood tests (ow, no fun!) and then we went out to a Noodle Box-esque place and I had pad thai and a summer roll and it was pretty good! I had to fast for the blood work so it was a much appreciated meal. We stopped at the health food store (oh Amy’s fav place haaa) and looked at all the fun (and super-healthy) stuff, and got some essentials such as chocolate, cheese and ice cream! Very fun. Went to the library too and picked up some movies and CD’s.
Its so sunny out, and like 21 C (70 F) degrees out! Lovely. But a little windy!

How do you spell ‘school’ again?

Today is a very exciting day. I signed up for SIDES (South Island Distance Education System) Spanish Program, and not grade 10 cause I actually finished that one (thank you very much!), but Spanish 11!! I hope I will be able to do some of the real work! I finished the preliminary assignment today which was very exciting. I was just 20 questions but still…I was proud to be doing some work at all. It took me all day to do but I did it, that’s the part to remember (or forget in my case). I still have to get my text books and stuff but still, I’m on my way!

We are having green curry for dinner and I am so freaking excited. Its my favorite Thai dish, or I should say one of my many favorite dishes. 

OH Blahblahblah

Amy and I went to Chapters and Starbucks the other day. It was so much fun! We had lattes together and then hit the shelves running (no, really, shes a good driver!). We were good little girls too and didn’t buy any books. It rained like crazy on the way there, like I’m talking wipers-on-full-blast-and-still-cant-see-shit-and-cant-hear-the-person-in-the-drivers-seat loud and wet. Just ridiculous.

Yesterday, we came back from ‘up’ Ontario, in some small town. We drove like 4 or 5 hours (each way may I add) and stayed overnight in the only hotel in the village. We were there to take in the scenery and recharge. (HA! OMG I know you almost believed me!!). Actually I was lying and we were there to see a doctor (I know…just shaking it up a bit! Life gets so predictable sometimes!). He was nice and minimally poked and prodded, which instantly makes him a good doctor! We went to a ‘Crabby Joe’s’ for dinner (for you West Coaster, its like a White Spot) and someone my aunt and mom when to school with (grade 7 thought 12) was there with her husband, and they hadn’t seen her in like forever, so they joined our table and had dinner together. They were really nice, Nancy and Bret, and super friendly and all. 
I am super tired. Today Amy and I went to Stitches at the mall and I bought pants which is tres exciting because I have 2 pairs of pants to my name and I wear them ALL THE TIME so they can never get washed (well not actually. I do wash them. Only I don’t like to really because then I can’t wear them. Its a big dilemma really). We went in a whole bunch of other shoppes (oh the British spellings make me laugh) and had fun! My joints hurt so much today, especially my knees, elbows and fingers, so typing this really hurts. I also feel super nauseous, which for all my pain handling strength, I have zero tolerance for nausea. Alas! I guess I haven’t been nauseous long enough haha
It was so sunny today. And it still is light out even at 7:30. I’d like to go outside, but I can see this HUGE swarm of icky bugs outside and I don’t like bugs. Eww bugs. 

The Lakehouse

The past few days have been really nice. It’s been in the 60’s (like 18 C ish) which is just duckie by me. And no mosquitoes yet, which is a bonus! (I am not a fan of bugs … especially the ones that bite. I’ve probably had a grand total of 3 bites in my life, so I’m not looking forward to bug season, not gonna lie). 

The past few days we’ve been out and about exploring the big city of Lakefield and Peterborough. Pretty sure we’ve cased all the grocery stores, and the Wal-Mart and Costco so far! There seems to be a lot of space here, which makes it harder to feel like you know where you’re going. I haven’t been here in like….probably 10 years so everything’s changed a whole lot, except the lake, which probably/hopefully wont dramatically change (the shape/view I’m talking about) for a few millennia.
I started a new drug recently (or actually switched to a generic) and I feel super-dee-duper nauseous, but its not like a I-think-I-ate-some-spoiled-meat-and-may-have-food-poisoning nauseous, its more like a I-swallowed-toxic-chemicals-and-now-I-feel-sick kind of feeling. Which is more or less accurate, unfortunately. 
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